cloud engineer job skills

Cloud computing is a rapidly-growing tech field that involves creating IT systems and infrastructure in a web-based environment. Cloud engineers play an integral part in helping companies and organizations utilize new and quickly developing cloud infrastructure, tools, and applications.

The job duties of a cloud engineer may involve performing very technical tasks. Employers require engineers with knowledge, skills, and experience to handle this type of work. For this reason, cloud engineer jobs are usually high paying, and the field can be quite competitive.

A cloud engineer can take on different duties depending on their skillset and the needs of their employer or client. In general, a cloud engineer is responsible for implementing, maintaining, or customizing a cloud-based system. This career also usually involves providing support not only for the non-technical employees of a company or organization but also for other IT employees who need to perform their jobs in a cloud-based environment.

Furthermore, cloud engineers often focus on a specific system. For example, some engineers are more familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), while others work with Microsoft Azure. Some employers even require certification in a specific system before they hire a cloud engineer. Organizations such as CompTIA offer non-vendor-specific accreditations.