Want to Start a Career in IT?

So, you are considering a career in information technology? How exciting! By now you’ve probably heard that IT careers are booming and expected to continue this growth trend over the course of many years.

Beginning a career in this area allows you to stay on top of technology and pick a path that’s right for you. A career in the many different areas of information technology give you the ability to make your own path.

With so many diverse areas of study and practice, the sky is the limits for how far you will go. With everything from management to security to program development – there are many directions your IT career can take you.

Why a certification?
Entering an IT career is very different from many other occupational paths. While most careers begin inside the walls of a college campus – this field is different. The standard path to securing the job of your dreams is to earn certifications in those areas you plan to work. Employers look for IT pros who possess the certifications that are most suitable for their needs.

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Instead of spending years earning a college degree, IT certifications allow you to choose the track that is right for you and advance to the level you choose. Let’s take a look at five of the top certifications you can earn to be on your way to a new and lucrative career in the IT field.