Most Challenging Time For India’s IT Sector

India’s information technology sector has never seen challenging times that it is witnessing now due to the Covid-19 impact, according to industry veteran S Mahalingam, but they have come up with innovative ways to deliver services.

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As far as export is concerned, Indian IT companies have come out with innovative ways of ensuring that delivery takes place flawlessly from the country, and have been delivering service at a very high level even in the lockdown situation, he said. “That’s a phenomenal kind of thing which shows that both the communication infrastructure as well as the ability to come up with a remote secure environment.

Nothing comes as a comparable thing to what is happening now,” Mahalingam, former chief financial officer and executive director at Tata Consultancy Services Ltd., said in an interview to PTI. “This is the most serious one; impact is going to be phenomenal because while essentially IT Industry has proved (its capability) … but we have to ensure that global businesses resume.