‘Trust Mark’ Certification for IoT Devices

The program, called the IoT Security Trust Mark, is aimed at helping connected device manufacturers embed safety and security by design as well as proactively protect consumers, says Matt Tett, who is chair of IoTAA’s cybersecurity and network resilience workstream enabler and managing director of Enex TestLab. The effort, slated to launch in September, could eventually expand worldwide.

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“The remit is big,” Tett says. “It could be moms and dads in their homes buying TVs and fridges or smart speakers and devices for their kids, or it could be a government department or agency that’s looking to put in the latest conferencing system. There’s a whole gamut of stakeholders.”

There are plenty of examples of connected device security going wrong. For example, an Australian company that sells the TicTokTrack, a GPS-tracking smartwatch for kids, twice introduced a security flaw that could have allowed an attacker to spoof a child’s location.

Tett says the Trust Mark program, which has a rigorous testing component, could help manufacturers avoid those kinds of problems.