When is a Network Switch Necessary?

A network switch is necessary when there are too few ethernet ports on the router. This could be for a variety of reasons. For example, if you want to install an entertainment system, you will likely need a network switch. In this case, all of the pieces of the entertainment center are will probably be installed in the same general area so the network switch can be placed in a central location without much wiring.

Another situation where a network switch could be helpful is for devices located across your house which you want to be wired into the internet including desktop computers, televisions, or gaming consoles. Having all of those devices on wifi could cause a slower connection for not only the device itself but other technologies that need wifi such as your phone or smart home systems.

Additionally, you should note that ethernet cables tend to be most efficient when they are less than a hundred feet long so you may need to find a central location if you are wiring your entire house for ethernet.

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman’s primary duty is installing, rearranging, or removing switching. The Switch Network Installer and Repairman Job Description also includes tasks such as monitoring the distribution, routing, dialing, and switching equipment utilized in the facility.

The Switch Network Installer and Repairman also provide any technical support required for ground-level installation of communication wiring or communication equipment.