System Architect and Technical Lead Skills

What you get to do :

  1. Brainstorm with the business team and figure the right technology solutions to the problem
  2. Run quick prototyping , build quick wins and extend the same to be production ready
  3. Work with multiple vendors and partners for development
  4. Build a team that can eventually build and support these systems

A System Architects think through a business objective as well as the company size, budget, and resources to identify the type of computing power it requires. They also consider the amount of data storage the company expects, the capacity, system, and speed.

The primary goal of System Architects is to support the best user experience a company wishes to create for their customers.

The Systems Architect primarily plans a unique configuration such as hardware, software, web integration, intranet, firewalls, internet connection, servers, and security. The job responsibilities will also include installation of both software and hardware assembly during the setup along with their maintenance.